Corporations & Investment Groups

With a solid brand identity, which incorporates both ethos and values, Junior builds robust, timeless and engaging websites and will design everything you’ll ever need, from business cards to letterheads. Junior will make you noteworthy, refined and viable. 

The Aperto Partnership

Opening doors

The Aperto Partnership is a media consultancy connecting advertisers with agencies. The team approached Junior to create a new brand identity and website

Barber Wilsons

Tapping into a rich heritage

Masters of Victorian industrial charm, Barber Wilsons produce luxury taps and showers from their historic Wood Green workshop. Founded in 1899, they have spent the last 114 years specialising in specialities. Barber Wilsons came to Junior looking for a new brand identity, brand positioning, art direction and a website.

Richardson Publishing

A turn up for the books

Richardson publishing specialise in creating puzzle books, Junior has recently been working with the independent publishers to create their identity alongside the art direction for their initial release of books.

Sabre Graphics

Hot off the press

The print, display and production experts Sabre Graphics recently came to Junior looking for a new site to showcase their extensive services and impressive portfolio. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Sabre Graphics has worked with the likes of Aesop, Uniqlo and Stella McCartney.


A step ahead

Junior has created a new immersive website for the international fashion group, Vida in collaboration with illustrator Mathew Delahunt

Ashgrove Capital

Seed money

Ashgrove Capital is an independent London based investment firm providing capital solutions in industries such as fin-tech, education and healthcare. Distinct from competitors through their focus on growth and stability, Ashgrove came to Junior looking for a new logo and website that would echo this.

Smith Greenfield

Protecting the finer things

Smith Greenfield is a specialist and independent insurance broker offering services for galleries, private collections, and individuals with exclusive lifestyles. Seeking a new website, art direction and an identity refresh, the insurer got in contact with Junior.

The Conservation Foundation

A heritage of environmental creativity

The greatest environmental organisation in the world, The Conservation Foundation, has been inspiring, enabling and celebrating practical environmental change within communities for over 35 years.

Seen Displays

Designed to be Seen

Fork & Blade Group

Great forking work

Fork & Blade are a kooky bunch of Covent Garden venture capitalists and are the masterminds behind various acclaimed restaurants and cafés in London. Previously established as a handful of small businesses, they came to Junior with the idea of merging into one core investment group, thus Fork & Blade was born.

NYO Accountants

Money talks

NYO are a bunch of energetic accountants who provide constant support through numerous services to owner-managed businesses specialising in the food and beverage sector. Seeking an identity and website that is anything but traditional, NYO visited Junior in need of a unique and approachable platform.

Catholic Children’s Society

God's creation

From mental health services to bereavement support and providing educational activities in safe locations, the Catholic Children’s Society has helped hundreds of children living in the UK. They asked Junior to help them reinvent the brand and inject a sense of youth and vibrancy.


Coding Personalities

The Association of Charted Certified Accountants is renowned for investing, qualifying and developing the world’s most highly sought-after accountants. 


A site that’ll really captivate you

Responsible for some of the most exciting marketing and PR outfits in London, Captivate Group came to Junior for a new portfolio site. Rich with web script animations, the bespoke build is a testament to their creative output. (Captivating). 


Creating awareness

Responsive development and CMS for uploading videos.

New European Economy

Not just a flick through

Magazine design & print management for New European Economy.

Channel 4

One to watch


Consulting with the best

Naming, brand identity and web design for 7Bn Consultancy.

Ulmus Londinium

Planting the seed

Rebranding and both product and digital design for Ulmus.

CFA Career Mapping Tool

Path to success

A career quiz that has a weighting system for each answer with trackable and sharable results build with Javascript.  The application also had to sync with a Marketo CRM database populating a student's contact details and their suited career.