Social Pantry

Restocking the pantry

Quite rightly Social Pantry has been voted the ‘Best Cafe in Battersea 2016’. They have become the go-to London caterers, with a dedicated team of experienced chefs producing exquisite cuisine. Social Pantry prides great importance on giving back to society.

By working with ex-offenders in rehabilitation programs, they are able to share their passion and knowledge of how to create high-quality healthy dishes whilst giving a positive outlook on the future to those who need it dearly.

As a crucial factor, Junior constructed the website to be simple and quick to use in-house, ideal for the Social Pantry team. The blog is automatically synced to their Instagram feed, allowing an up-to-date ceaseless supply of their latest food creations. Designed in an editorial-esque style, the website is asymmetrical and nonchalant, ideal for Social Pantry’s lively and busy lives. Yet Junior kept it clean and sleek with fullscreen, vibrant photography highlighting their superb cuisine, overlaid proudly with customer feedback in robust typography.

Junior is certainly my go-to web designers. Social Pantry’s website has always stood out from its competitors in terms of functionality and design. Displaying the number of services a catering company can provide in a simple, easily digestible format is no mean feat but with the help of Junior, they’ve got there. It’s been a pleasure working with the team at Junior. You’re always on the end of the phone to lend a helping hand, incredibly flexible in accommodating my budgets and most importantly, fun to work with! Charlotte Elizabeth, Marketing Manager