Barber Wilsons

Tapping into a rich heritage

Masters of Victorian industrial charm, Barber Wilsons produce luxury taps and showers from their historic Wood Green workshop. Founded in 1899, they have spent the last 114 years specialising in specialities. Barber Wilsons came to Junior looking for a new brand identity, brand positioning, art direction and a website.

Junior created an identity to carry the brand into the future while honouring their extraordinary heritage of innovation and craftsmanship. The new logo features a wordmark created from a bespoke sans serif typeface and incorporates a wave motif, a nod to Barber Wilsons’ products. Alongside the logo sits a new signature colour called ‘Deco blue’ and an iconic, secondary monogram.

The new website archives the manufacturer’s extensive product catalogue in its entirety. Customers are able to tailor products from their broad range of finishes and styles, developed with a wish list feature these can then be added to a personalised catalogue for customers to download and share with retailers. Under Junior’s direction, Barber Wilsons’ full product range was photographed. With a focus on the elegant forms and beautifully crafted details; immaculate, metallic finishes were captured in all their glory. Honest, proud and worthy.