#CDW2018: Day two

Top Instagram spots @CDWfestival

There’s a load of top Instagram worthy installations dotted all around Clerkenwell at this year’s design festival. Here are our favourites spots so you can make the most of your day focusing on the important things i.e getting free champagne whilst talking to strangers about floor tiles and taps.

Pipe Line by Lou Corio Randall

Is it a seat? Is it a bike rack? Is it a piece of art? It’s all three actually, clever. Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, these neon pink lines look effortlessly polished against the harsh concrete floor. Scatted all around the area, one of our favourites is outside the Design Fields and the other is at the Garden of St James, where you’ll most likely find the artist sat down admiring his own masterpiece.

Next Generation Design Pavilion 

St. James’ Church has been taken over by GCSE students this year. With more patience than a rock and more strength than the rock, they’ve created kaleidoscopic layers which direct your eyes towards the trees and sky, suddenly making you very aware of your surroundings. Who knew that at the end of the rainbow there would be a leprechaun advocating sustainability. Good stuff.  

Royal Approval by Kinetech Design

Our favourite by far was Royal Approval located over at St John’s Gate. They’ve combined Japanese origami with a traditional Elizabethan ruff, creating a contemporary whimsical piece hidden under one of Clerkenwell’s most iconic buildings. We’re definitely hypnotised by its metallic beauty, but we also can’t wait to get our lunch spot back.

And if you’ve still got to time, head over to the Design Fields to see Behind Closed Doors (which is obviously inspired by our ANdAZ collaboration), and also Reform which is a series of contemporary polystyrene sculptures hidden across Clerkenwell.

We’ll be going around the festival on all three days so keep an eye out for more blog posts and make sure you’re following our insta @juniorlondon.