An East London Adventure

A grand Victorian building that dates back to 1884, the ANdAZ hotel on Liverpool Street opens its doors to hundreds of guests every day. Requiring something that is as opulent and spectacular as their service, they commissioned a unique collaboration between Junior and Stables+Lucraft.

To bring some glamour and festivity to this East London hotel, the Junior and Stables+Lucraft team came up with the concept of a giant advent calendar. A clever take on the classic song ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, Junior ended each line with a different place in Shoreditch, inspiring guests to go out and explore. Revealing a range of locations every day throughout December, each window gives both tourists and residences the opportunity to unearth the past, present and future history of this iconic inner city. The twenty-five-day calendar was designed and constructed by Junior for the hotel’s front lobby, influenced by Shoreditch’s culture, history and creativity. Junior gave art direction throughout and was in constant collaboration with the ANdAZ marketing team to ensure all budgets and deadlines were met, whilst ultimately making this a Christmas to remember.