Trawler Trash

Taking out the trash

Using the fish that most fishermen disregard, Trawler Trash is creating exciting contemporary cuisine and serving it over a traditional fish ‘n’ chip counter. The team approached Junior to frame their vision of a ‘gourmet fish & chip shop’ into a polished identity and an upscale shop fascia worthy of Islington’s discerning Upper Street.

Junior designed the logo by taking inspiration from long-established sailor tattoos and putting a sophisticated, modern twist on it. The interior was based on a clean and contemporary utilitarian gourmet style. Stark whites and deep greys are intertwined throughout the industrial features, with refined tiling and lavish upholstery honouring the fishing docks.

Together, Trawler Trash and Junior have completely revamped the customary associations of the fish ’n’ chip shop, turning it into a trendy and refined seafood restaurant.