Local Color

With flying colors

Junior recently designed a new identity and website for Local Color, the content creation and retouch studio based in Brooklyn, New York. The new identity features a custom logotype with geometric letterforms that sit comfortably alongside Local Color’s vivid portfolio. The secondary forward-slash references the e-commerce side of the business while the scaled down ‘NY’ serves to further magnify the ‘pop’ typography

Junior created an intuitive and streamlined site to showcase Local Color’s extensive archive. Framed thumbnails and minimal support a range of crop ratios making upload and management on the client side as easy as possible. Designed as a single page, users can quickly access information from anywhere on the site with collapsable drop downs that expand from the menu. The clean clear design extends to the project pages with a fullscreen, immersive view to highlight Local Color’s spotless imagery. A full color/colour experience.