#CDW2018: Day one

How to spend your lunch break

Known for being one of the busiest prisons of the Victorian period, The House of Detention is the ideal place to host one of Clerkenwell Design Week exhibitions.

Originally built in 1616, the prison saw over 10,000 prisoners pass through its gates each year and is now said to be extremely haunted. Despite the ghosts, this was one of the coolest locations we’ve been too so far at the festival.

RhubarbLondon was one of our favourite designers that we saw today. Their quirky one-off statement armchairs are crafted from real vintage suits. From Chelsea Pensioners uniforms to a 1960s pastel pink skirt and matching jacket, they have it all. Summed up, it’s like sitting down on your unaffectionate grandad’s lap whilst having a bag of rhubarb & custard sweets. It’s weird, but they definitely caught our eye.

Another favourite was from a small upcoming studio based in Brighton. What appeared to be a fishmonger shop, Claire Potter Design certainly made a cell that stood out. From light bulb cords to kitchen handles, they combine old fishing nets from the South coast with industrial remanufacturing techniques to ultimately redefining the meaning of sustainable design. 

We also saw some stunningly crafted retro-inspired furniture from Scudico Design and a garden literally planted on the side of a wall from Urban Roof Gardens. No free drinks, no paranormal activity but points for the haunted vibe, what a cell-out.

We’ll be going around Clerkenwell on all three days so keep an eye out for more blog posts and make sure you’re following our Instagram @juniorlondon for more highlights.