Vivobarefoot Website Redesign

Barefoot pioneers

With years of historical and scientific research, Vivo are pioneering the barefoot movement by crafting shoes that give feet the healthiest and best performance possible. Vivobarefoot contacted Junior desiring a complete overhaul of their current website.

Briefed with distilling the complex brand proposition into a straightforward and effective e-commerce platform, Junior developed a series of transition tools combined with specific e-commerce trust signals and cross-selling techniques to transform the barefoot idea into a “shoppable” product.

Vivo and Junior’s partnership has since continued. After needing some fresh creativity and inspiration, Junior has formed numerous ongoing campaign ideas tailored to promoting new shoes, brand collaborations, and a healthy & sustainable lifestyle, all of which is carried on through to Vivo’s blog. Junior has also transformed the online transitional tool by developing three characters based on Vivo’s customer profiles, resulting in the potential shopper being personally recommended the right shoes. Throughout the process, advocates guide the customer with a friendly tone of voice consistent with Vivo’s brand identity. With continual collaboration and feedback from Vivo, Junior has shared their expertise in sectors from social media marketing right through to art direction to ultimately increase sales, boost SEO and raise brand awareness.


Livebarefoot 24/7

A campaign visualisation, ‘Live Barefoot 24/7’ was devised by Junior to raise awareness of Vivo’s lifestyle range. Through a split screen, a moody yet active sporting environment is combined with a calm city lifestyle, enforcing the idea that Vivo’s shoes are versatile enough for any occasion. To showcase the lifestyle collection in its entirety, close-up photography of each shoe was taken as well as dynamic shots of energetic models in fashionable city attire. Junior wrote the copy for the 24/7 lookbook and social media platforms, enticing a new target market whilst in keeping Vivo’s shoe health benefits and core values. Through successful art direction, the lifestyle range has soared in sales, and Junior has now begun the next campaign with Vivobarefoot. Read more on the 24/7 campaign here.