Igniting the flames

A celebration of ancient Anatolian shared cuisine, London’s Firedog turns an open flame into glorious food feasts. Firedog visited Junior to develop this unique vision into a competent identity.

Inspired by Yesilcam (1970’s Turkish cinema), Junior combined the tale of Jason and the Argonauts with Tarkan the warrior. Junior developed Tarkan into a narrative in which the hero explores new lands, fighting bizarre beasts and ultimately brings new foods back to his people. Junior art directed a mural focal piece to display the new narrative, designed with the help of Graffiti Life.

In homage to the ancient Anatolian and Aegean settlements, Junior selected the name ‘Firedog’ to honour the ancient barbecue grill of the same name. Glyphs are placed throughout the mural, menus, and restaurant to encapsulate this rich history. Driven by the same story and style, Junior constructed the website which showcases their great food, as well as designing the packaging for Firedog’s own craft beer.