Black Penny

In for a penny, in for a pound

Black Penny is an up-and-coming London coffee shop in the heart of Covent Garden. Renowned for their mouth-watering Hashes, they also make incredible coffees, juices, epic brunches, as well as dabbling in catering and private bookings.

Their loyal community is an incredibly important factor for Black Penny, therefore Junior designed a website with a fullscreen video showreel at the forefront, penultimately highlighting their ardent customers and bespoke atmosphere. With every Penny event completely packed out, the website has a lively and trendy flair to it whilst also envisioning their laid-back personality. The chalkboard styling and simple floating menu are of a contemporary design, enhanced by the minimal copy; informal and straight to the point. Junior incorporated Penny’s Instagram throughout their website, creating an easy and quick way for their in-house staff to inform viewers of any upcoming events whilst showcasing their latest food masterpieces.