D&AD: The highlights

Established by a group of designers and directors, D&AD continue their unrelenting mission to celebrate all things good in commercial design. Here are a few of the Junior team’s highlights.

Copywriting: ‘Sorry’ is the hardest word

From the KFC chicken crisis to the unapologetic Trump, we’ve learned that it’s not just about saying sorry, it’s how you say it. One word can ultimately make or break a brand, and the way in which you apologise for something can be the most powerful piece of advertising you do. If you have made a mistake remember to always say, “I am sorry that” and not “I am sorry if”.

The creative industry and sustainability panel discussion

When ending climate change seems impossible, utilising data in a creative way that is believed to be simple to achieve will help us, humans, be more inclined to do something about the disaster. Grown-up stuff.

Besides the talks and mind-blowing artworks, we also got creative by making Zen gardens, had a go on the VR slide and designed our own water bottles with Adobe.

Power to the pencil.